Data Analysis

We use data analysis to assess student development and to provide feedback. We believe feedback is valuable to boost academic confidence.

Data-driven learning

Working in an office

Identify Gaps in Knowledge

Pinpoint Misconceptions

Personalise Content

Target Interventions

Boost Confidence

Stay Informed with Data Reports


Data reports contain feedback, progress and your child's data from the learning platform for you to see every fortnight.

See Your Child's Development

Child Develoopment

Our reports show trends in data and comments on positive progress. Celebrate your child's learning achievements with them!

Make Better Decisions with Data


Use our reports and the learning software to suggest topics to make notes on, lessons to revise and subjects to focus on.

Identify strengths and areas to improve on

Use our reports and the learning software to see your child's strengths and challenges. We provide feedback regularly to help you stay involved with your child's learning. 

Identify Strengths
Personalise Learning

We use data to personalise learning

All suggested lessons are based on your child's current knowledge and abilities. We assess each child throughout their journey with us to ensure learning is kept at a comfortable pace. 


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