Company Values

The core of our ambition is to build an education aligned with our values.


We integrate exciting learning technology into our tutoring methods and activities allowing our students access to the best digital resources at ED TREE.


ED TREE focuses on each student and tailors the best resources to match our student's learning methods and needs. We want to empower all learners and offer flexible learning where students can access learning materials when it suits them best.


We offer personalised learning plans that help work on each student's strengths and areas to develop. We identify students real-time data and use data science to analyse how we can help our students better in the areas that they find challenging.


Our vision at ED TREE is to revolutionise learning. Our team is dedicated to providing educational benefits to students. We regularly work on ourselves as much as a student works on their studies to ensure we offer the best service possible.


Our online platform is powered by the best technology. We use artificial intelligence to offer a wide range of benefits to our students including; individual learning paths, adapting to student behaviour and pinpointing areas that need extra support.