Company Values

The core of our ambition is to build an education aligned with our values.


We integrate exciting learning technology into our tutoring methods and activities allowing our students access to the best digital resources at ED TREE.


    Our students at ED TREE have individual learning plans that have been carefully put together by the algorithms of the learning software, and the needs and wishes of both the parents and students. We are here to guide each student by making learning suggestions through the reports we provide, parent meetings and our online tutoring. Our tutors monitor progress to ensure students do not feel alone in their learning. 


    Every child has a right to an education. ED TREE believes education is important to maintain at a comfortable pace. Students learn at different paces and in different ways. We believe top tutoring should not come at a heavy price. We are constantly looking to understand the needs of parents and children by putting them at the forefront of our decisions. ED TREE is not just a tutoring service. We are here to help each student on their individual learning journeys with the support they need.


    ED TREE’s mission is to help students find a passion within their learning by being the best tutoring service to families at a valuable price. We work on Maths, English and Science subjects for students aged 7 to 16 using the best adaptive learning technology to develop the foundations the students have. We help our students thrive through by building on learning gaps and challenge them at a suitable pace. We employ the best tutors with experience and a passion to help deliver our mission to our ED TREE families.


ED TREE focuses on each student and tailors the best resources to match our student's learning methods and needs. We want to empower all learners and offer flexible learning where students can access learning materials when it suits them best.


We offer personalised learning plans that help work on each student's strengths and areas to develop. We identify students real-time data and use data science to analyse how we can help our students better in the areas that they find challenging.


Our vision at ED TREE is to revolutionise learning. Our team is dedicated to providing educational benefits to students. We regularly work on ourselves as much as a student works on their studies to ensure we offer the best service possible.


Our online platform is powered by the best technology. We use artificial intelligence to offer a wide range of benefits to our students including; individual learning paths, adapting to student behaviour and pinpointing areas that need extra support.


ED TREE is an online tutoring service for students aged 7 to 16 (KS2 to GCSE), created with parents and students in mind. Our team have years of experience working with students, all with a common goal of shaping each educational journey with the best resources and assistance. All tutors are currently UK based with full DBS checks conducted.


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