1. Make An Enquiry

You may have sent an enquiry using our contact form or chatbox. If you are looking for a free consultation give us a few minutes to get back to you! Make sure the details you have provided are correct. Keep an eye on your emails for a response! 

4. Using the Platform

We will provide login details as soon as possible. Once these are received, your child is able to familiarise themselves with the platform before their first session. We set a few lessons to complete so keep an eye out for these!

2. Free Consultation

We offer a free consultation before purchase in case you have any immediate questions. Parents use this as an opportunity to tell us what their child needs assistance with. We will reply via email confirming a suitable time and date if this is requested.

5. Online Sessions

The online sessions are agreed upon at the start of each billing period. The sessions use a unique link for each student - details on how to join will also be sent via email. The sessions last around 45 minutes with a DBS certified tutor.

3. Purchase

After purchase, we will be notified straight away. Give us some time to reply with a confirmation of the personalised login and courses. This payment is taken every month until cancelled. Be prepared to set a date for your child's first session! 

6. Reports and Meetings

We send personalised reports each fortnight with performances and comments about each subject. This keeps you involved with your child's learning throughout your time with us. Meetings are scheduled on request to discuss progress in detail.


Due to popular demand, we are able to offer a set number of sessions per month. This will be a separate payment to the subscription cost. Once a payment is made we will book in the extra sessions straight away with you. If you are on a Standard package and want to move to Premium, we will cancel the subscription and ask you to purchase the new package at the end of the current subscription cycle (we will send you details on this, don't worry!).


If you are planning on freezing the subscription (your child's hard work won't be deleted) we can keep the account open so your child can still work without having an online tutor or progress reports for a direct deposit every month. This also means we won't be adding any courses to the learning platform. We will cancel the direct deposit is we see inactivity after 3 months. If you would like to start your subscription again, get in touch with us when you are ready. 


I, for any reason, you are not happy with our service please speak to our team! If you really want to cancel the subscription, we will stop the current payment being taken out of the account on the next billing cycle. We will keep your child's account for two months, after this all the data will be deleted :(. We ask for at least two weeks notice before the next payment, by emailing us straight away. Refunds will be given in exceptional circumstances so please ensure you know when your next payment is being made (if you are unsure, please let us know). If you decide to cancel in the middle of the month, we will still offer our online sessions and reports (if due). Please tell us if you would not like to have the remaining sessions for the month at the time of cancellation. 

About Us

ED TREE is a tutoring service for students aged 7 to 16 (KS2 to GCSE), created with parents and students in mind. Our team have years of experience working with students, all with a common goal of shaping each educational journey with the best resources and assistance.

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