Branching the Gap with ED TREE

It is fair to say ED TREE is planting the seeds and helping to branch out to young learners in an inventive, interactive and engaging manner, sowing the seeds for the future of learning. The accessibility aspect is what separates ED TREE from other forms of online teaching and its competitors. This allows students and parents to access and monitor the progress they are making whilst also keeping parents directly involved. One failure of the traditional schooling education system is the lack of interaction between teacher and student, which in turn gives students a limited timespan to either learn what they are being taught or carry that burden on their own shoulders before being taught something new. This may be a major factor in students failing, as without ensuring principles, concepts and methods are learnt, teachers often assume their students will provide this option for themselves closer to exam or assessment date. In hindsight, speaking as a former student, the ability to communicate in learning may be the most significant and vital aspect of a child’s learning. As similar to many forms of human interaction when seeing someone has grasped the thing you are yearning to grasp, this makes it believable that this is possible for you also.

In an article by the guardian from December 2019, it is stated that “Under current government funding plans it is a simple truth that 83% of schools will be worse off in April 2020 than in 2015 in real terms.” In hindsight, this statistic may be significantly higher now as not only is it more important than ever to ensure students are being taught and educated but also that they are progressing in education in order to not stunt their development moving forwards. Another article by the guardian written in January 2018 mentions that “Statistics from the Department for Education (DfE) show that 365 mainstream secondary schools (12%) fell below the floor standard last year, up from 282 (9.3%) in 2016.” This suggests the fluctuation of quality and good results in the teaching industry now makes it more important for parents and students to ensure their learning is carried on even outside of school, those who can provide this option themselves are fine but for those who cannot platforms such as ED TREE are ideal, giving results as well as assurance that your child’s learning will progress even within the comfort of their own homes.

As the sun is now setting on traditional forms of teaching due to a global pandemic, a new wave of teaching styles is being ushered in. From increased homeschooling to online tuition, parents have never been more uneasy about the state of their child’s education. Parents must now make it incumbent upon themselves to ensure it is being carried out one way or another. As BBC news articles relate that lockdown pupils are now “three months behind” and that a decision whether or not “to delay exams” will soon be made, this leaves students in an ambiguous and uncertain position, as one of the hardest tasks for any student is to atone for missed work, this in addition to uncertain exam dates can only make things more difficult for students in the long term. As having a focus or a date to work around helps to break the barrier of a concept I call “the willingness factor”, I’m in no doubt that most students would be reluctant to stay in school given the option for any other pastime. So how does one manage to keep their students engaged and willing to learn, this is where platforms such as ED TREE thrive, as to be able to constantly communicate with teachers and revisit material placed to foster the education of what is being learnt at the time, this indicates that the more progressive parents are about and attentive to their child’s learning the greater the impact they can make.

Written by Hatim Hussein.

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