EdTech: Evolution and Solution

Updated: Apr 29

What is EdTech

EdTech is the practice of introducing technological tools into the classroom to create a more engaging, interactive and individualised learning experience.

Today’s classrooms have moved beyond the clunky desktop computers that were once the norm and are now tech-infused, interactive and online. ED TREE has even involved machine learning and artificial intelligence in lessons in order to provide a more personalised experience.

This use of EdTech tools is changing education in a variety of ways: EdTech is making it easy for students to stay engaged through fun forms of learning. Digital devices are being hailed for their ability to create digital classrooms for students. Even blockchain tools are assisting teachers with grading tests and holding students accountable for homework.

How Does EdTech Help Students

An influx of technology is opening up new doors of learning and opportunity for students of all ages, while also promoting collaboration and inclusivity in the classroom. Here are three major ways EdTech is directly impacting the way students learn.

1. 24/7 Access to Learning

EdTech is making it easier for students to have full access to the classroom in a digital environment. Whether they’re at school, on the bus or at home, connected devices are giving students Wi-Fi and cloud access to complete work at their own pace. ED TREE’s online platform is also available 24/7 helping students and tutors stay in communication.

2. Personalised Educational Experiences

EdTech opens up opportunities for our tutors to craft personalised learning plans for each of our students. This approach aims to customise learning based on a student’s strengths, skills and interests.

Our adaptive learning tools help students learn at their own pace and our intelligent software can identify when students need support and offer real-time interventions to help students fully grasp lessons. With our analytics, tutors can see which students had trouble with certain lessons and offer further help on the subject. We are able to pinpoint any misunderstandings and gaps in knowledge with a high level of accuracy.

3. Eliminating Guesswork

Teachers and students no longer need to spend countless hours attempting to assess the skills or areas of improvement. EdTech can change all of that. We use AI tools, data science and perform analysis constantly to assess student’s skills and needs, and our software relays the data to our expert tutors to help provide a better service to our students.

ED TREE aims to give students access to the best technological learning tools available and resources to develop their education, knowledge, confidence and reduce exam stress. Our highly qualified tutors help students achieve their goals with proven methods that guarantee results. We look to strengthen student foundations and improve their performance. We offer a personalised experience tailoring all our content to an individual's unique needs. We use the best technologies combining learning science and artificial intelligence to provide a truly adaptive experience in order to get the best out of our students.

ED TREE is an adaptive, personalised learning experience for students aged 7 to 16. We help our students with Maths, English and Science by providing a specialised learning path. We send feedback to parents on a regular basis to keep parents updated with the progress their children make and book weekly tutoring slots to help with any questions. Email us at hello@edtree.co.uk for more information.

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