Parents and Students Share Their VOICE in Latest Survey! (GCSE & A-Level)

Updated: Apr 29

We want to take a moment and thank every parent, student and educator who took part in our recent survey. At ED TREE we want to empower parents and students. We want your voice to be heard! Check out the results from our most recent survey 😊 .

We work with several students who have not expressed concerns regarding their exams, but the majority of the public believe that students have been mistreated. We provide students with additional guidance during this difficult time. With mock examinations around the corner, we are more than happy to help you or your child to achieve their desired grades!

Parents, we understand it is not an easy time for you or your child. Let's have a look at what other parents had to say:

As exams look set to go ahead, it is important that you realise that this may be the most difficult academic year. Be understanding and try your best! If you need any additional help the team at ED TREE is dedicated to helping you achieve results. Book a free consultation by calling 0203 633 9423 or email and one of our team members will reach out to you straight away!

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