9 Tips To Help Your Child Study at Home

Updated: Apr 24

With the current state of the worldwide pandemic, we know exams are a bit ‘up in the air’ but this doesn’t mean everything needs to be put on hold in terms of your child/children’s education! We’ve come up with a guide on how to help your child study effectively during this pandemic: 1. Sit with your child and get them to recall something they’ve learned from a topic. This is a great way to help them focus on the areas they know and will also highlight the ones they need more revision with. ED TREE online highlights student strengths and weaknesses automatically with our diagnostic process, which is extremely helpful and allows us to understand each student's individual needs.

2. Make sure their study space is clean, tidy and as quiet as possible, with no distractions.

3. Encourage your child to create a timetable including different topics by using their textbooks or online resources. Try to make sure they’ve got all the topics covered at least 7 times - psychology suggests in order to retain the information we need to go over the information at least 7 times. (Miller’s Law (1956), aka “the magical number 7!”). We know this is uncertain at the moment but this tip is definitely useful for when the time comes. 4. Make sure you are aware of their revision timetable so you can avoid conflicting events happening at their allocated time of studying.

5. Provide flashcards, post-it notes, revision books and other resources that may help retaining information easier. Folders are also a great way to organise notes. ED TREE online also provides over 1000 additional learning resources. 6. Look into exam specifications! The exam boards usually have a list of resources included on their websites to help your child familiarise themselves with the type of questions and answers that gain the most marks. Help your child find these if they are unsure! ED TREE online also provides learning content tailored to students and their specific exam boards to ensure we have you covered and exam ready! 7. Allow your child to have appropriate study breaks- this is also good for retention. Short bursts of revision time are shown to be more effective in helping children concentrate, compared to non-stop revision for hours with some students.

8. Provide snacks! A simple plate of biscuits and tea will go a long way for your child during revision time (and they’re much appreciated too!)

9. Reassurance! Encourage your child to persevere! Exam season can cause a lot of stress and worry for students. Be supportive and remind them once they will be rewarded for their hard work. The most important point to take away from this would be that your support and care will inevitably give your child the confidence to achieve the best out of their education. It is important to remember students are reporting higher levels of stress and anxiety. 1 in 8 children have a diagnosable mental health disorder – that’s roughly 3 children in every classroom (youngminds). Trust your child to exceed and they will naturally perform well with your help, love, and reassurance!

To make revision more structured, ED TREE Online focuses on the 3 core subjects - Maths, English and Science for ages 7 to 16. Based on diagnostic tests, our adaptive technology is able to identify which topics need revising, and the topics that the students are excelling in - to suggest more challenging ones. Students can work on their own learning path with all 3 subjects or choose which ones they’d like to work on to best fit their routine and schedules. The best part is that the students get to see their progress and parents also get a report each month to pinpoint subjects that need more work on. This would instantly get you more involved in their learning. See it for yourself. Book a consultation with ED TREE at hello@edtree.co.uk or visit www.edtree.co.uk for more information. Thank you for taking the time to read! Don’t forget to subscribe and share!

For more information on mental health, check out our blog on “Understanding Mental Health in Children and Young Adults”. For more on parent guides on support for exams check out:

ED TREE is an adaptive, personalised learning experience for students aged 7 to 16. We help our students with Maths, English and Science by providing a specialised learning path. We send feedback to parents on a regular basis to keep parents updated with the progress their children make and book weekly tutoring slots to help with any questions. Email us at hello@edtree.co.uk for more information.

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