Plan Ahead, Stay Ahead!

Updated: Apr 29

With the recent announcement that GCSEs are to be moved back by 3 weeks, it is still vital you start revising and preparing now. We encourage all year 11 students to finish subject content as soon as possible to allow time to practise exam techniques.

When it comes to obtaining results it is important to plan ahead. If you are aiming for a specific target or want to improve in certain areas, it is crucial that you understand your current level and outline the steps required to reach your desired goals.

When it comes to studies here are our top tips:

Step1: Create a plan

Go through your list of exams and identify what steps you need to take to prepare. Find the topics you find challenging so you can effectively set aside some time to work on these areas. Create your own plan for each subject and set yourself up for success by creating targets.

At ED TREE we create individual plans for all our students to help identify gaps in knowledge and adapt our content to each student's needs.

Step 2: Make a time-effective timetable and manage your time properly.

It’s easy to create a timetable, the difficult part is staying consistent and true to it. Allocate enough time to cover topics and give yourself extra time to work on your weaknesses. Also, make sure you make time for yourself to do the activities you enjoy to maintain a balance.

Step 3: Keep track of your progress.

This can be a journal or log or even a checklist of tasks. It is important to monitor your achievement and performance. If you are working on past papers after you complete one, go through the mark scheme and make a record of your scores and progress.

At ED TREE we provide reports for students and parents to keep everyone updated and aware of student progress and monitor the quality of our service. We also analyse data in order to make the best decisions in order to improve student results.

Step 4: Give yourself time to do things you enjoy.

Studies are very important but so is your happiness and morale. It is proven happier students tend to perform better on the day of exams. Taking a break from studies and taking time out to look after your mental health will help keep your mind fresh and ready for exams.

Step 5: Look for additional support if needed.

It is easy to get lost in textbooks and get overwhelmed in the process. It is important you identify areas you need support from people you trust. At ED TREE we are proud to put student education above everything else. We want to see all our students succeed and we will go the extra mile to provide extra support when we are able to, whether it is from our parent meetings or mentoring sessions, we want to give the highest level of support to all our students.

We take all the above into consideration when providing lessons and materials to our students. We use artificial intelligence to collect real-time information which allows us to create your own personalised plan within minutes based on your strengths and weaknesses. This allows us to optimise time for more learning.

If you are a student and want support on how you can plan ahead when it comes to studies or you are a parent concerned about your child. Get in touch with ED TREE now to find out how we can revolutionise your learning experience. Call 0203 633 9423 for a free consultation or email us at

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