The Power Of Personalised Learning

Updated: Apr 24

It is common knowledge that students learn at different paces and in different ways, no matter their age, gender or ability. It is useful for parents and teachers to understand this concept when it comes to teaching and understanding a child. Personalised learning in education is an approach that tailors learning for each child to accommodate their individual strengths, needs, skills and interests. This can be given through a learning plan based on what the student is comfortable with, taking into consideration their preferred learning methods and their current knowledge. It must be noted this does not replace intervention programmes that a few schools use.

Personalised Learning

Picture this. You are sitting in a classroom with your teacher going through the long division method of “DMSB”. You look around as your classmates are attempting a question on their mini-whiteboards. The child next to you has just finished and is jumping up and down with their hand up waiting to be picked on by the teacher to share their answer whereas the child behind you has not even picked up their pen and is instead daydreaming out the window. Teachers have been using different methods of engagement when teaching for many years but there is no “one size fits all” approach that will guarantee each child will understand a new method at the same time as another child in the class. Personalised learning means the teacher guides the students on their own journeys by meeting their strengths, needs and skills. In this scenario, a few children may learn by writing it out themselves or going through the method using other visual resources. This can also work alongside intervention programmes to best suit each student as the concept of division may already be an area to develop.

Personalised learning means that all students are understood, will learn in their own way and promotes engagement in their learning. This ensures that those who are struggling get the attention they need. If this “one size fits all” method continues, students who are already struggling will be needing to “catch up” every year.

Benefits of Personalised Learning

By adopting a personalised learning experience, students are given the space to communicate their interests, take ownership of their learning and reduce the stigma of special education. Students will show more engagement and enjoyment with their learning, giving them more room to understand the information they have absorbed. This can be implemented by making small font, colour and text changes, deciding order of learning etc. The approach focuses on providing students with the resources they learn best with.

Additionally, personalised learning has motivation benefits. Parents and teachers would agree one of the best feelings is seeing their child/student showing enthusiasm in a particular lesson or for learning in general. Motivated students show a better attitude to learning and make teaching new methods enjoyable and easier to learn. Using a positive approach generates positivity all around!

Furthermore, using a personalised learning approach is less time-consuming. Teachers can use surveys or exit tickets to ask questions to create future plans for the students. This is useful for those students that already know a lot of the content since the teacher can push them to work on stretch and challenge activities instead. Teaching students concepts they are already familiar with or find “easy” will most likely impact their engagement levels. Implementing the plans at the beginning may be a bit overwhelming but in the long-term, the results will speak for themselves.

Final Thoughts

Here at ED TREE, we focus on creating personalised learning for all of our students by implementing learning technology, data analysis and top tutors. We keep communication between the parents and students a priority to make learning comfortable and to assist our students in learning at their own pace. We want our students to feel empowered in their learning and to discuss learning methods and habits that they enjoy and find beneficial. Contact us on 0203 633 9423 or email us at for more information.

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