At Ed Tree, we optimise technology for educational purposes. Find out how we use the best technology at Ed Tree to help get the best out of our students.

We use advanced algorithms to create the best learning path for each student. By using artificial intelligence, we adapt our learning resources to each student's individual needs. We analyse student data to make our lessons better in the online sessions and to provide accurate feedback.

Tutors Backed By AI

Adaptive Learning

Our adaptive learning tools collect specific information about individual student behaviour by understanding how they answer questions. The tool responds to each student by changing the learning experience to better suit their needs, based on their unique and specific behaviours.

Adaptive Learning at Ed Tree
Accessible resources at Ed Tree include; personalised paths, 1:1 support and unlimited resources


At Ed Tree we take pride in supporting our students reach their academic potential. We make it easy for students to tap into a digital learning environment. Students receive 24/7 access to a personalised learning experience with a personal login account.