Our professional tutors and learning platform has been designed to put student needs first and accelerate learning. We address the challenges students face today and supercharge their learning. 


Our online tutors are available to help students take control of their learning and unlock their potential. These vary according to the pricing plan chosen. Extra sessions are now available on request!


ED TREE Online offers a flexible solution that works for our learners. The platform is accessible 24/7 as we understand students tend to study at different times.  Our package includes unlimited access to Maths, English and Science lessons.


We offer educational support for KS2 to GCSE level for Maths, English and Science. Some schools choose different exam boards for older students. We cover AQA, Edexcel and OCR exam boards so let us know which ones your child is using.


We create personalised learning paths for each student based on their individual needs. We also tailor learning materials in our online sessions to each student to help new information be understood and retained.



All parents receive analytical reports every two weeks alongside online meetings (once a month) to discuss progress. These keep parents up to date and involved in their child’s progress and achievements.


For children to feel confident they need all the support possible. We offer monthly parent meetings where we help parents stay informed about their child's development and support parents to provide the best learning experience.


“My brother and his ED TREE tutor work so well together. He’s really enjoying it!”

I could see a difference
in my son’s attitude towards learning and every week. He continues to make progress not
only during his sessions with his tutor, but also using the skills  he learns in his homework set
by his school.

“I’m so happy it’s going well. It’s the first time in her life she’s ever wanted to do more work!”

About Us

ED TREE is an online tutoring service for students aged 7 to 16 (KS2 to GCSE), created with parents and students in mind. Our team have years of experience working with students, all with a common goal of shaping each educational journey with the best resources and assistance. All tutors are currently UK based with full DBS checks conducted.

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